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Notes IOs

Notes iOS - 2016
24 hour mobile book

50 copies - with two serigraphy interventions and one in letterpress.
Edited by Oficina do Cego
"In a perfect world, mobile phones would not exist. But this world isn’t perfect and, as such, many of us have to cope with smartphones and other digital crap. Notes iOS, the 6th volume of the Abstrusa Collection, is an example of this. The book collects a series of images that were found in an iPhone next to a corpse in the midst of the Black Rock Desert.
One can only speculate that, unsure of what to do with the infamous Apple state-of-the-art in a wild, wireless environment, the author decided to play with the iPhone notes application,
using it to conceive interesting graphicand geometrical compositions that appear like visual poems, till there was no battery left. Whether the unidentified corpse found in the desert is that of the author or should be regarded instead as an independent achievement of Mr. Filipe Matos, is something that remains to be known. In the meantime, you can enjoy this digital print with two serigraphy interventions and, who knows, solve the puzzling mystery that surrounds Notes iOS."
by Daniel Seabra Lopes
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Visual Poetry

EVE - 2016

Printed at O Homem do Saco
Screen Printing and Letterpress

AD HOC Affiche - Après Magritte

Printed at Oficina do Cego
Screen Printing
Sold Out

Facebook VS Visual Poetry - 2016

(handmade book with typographic techniques)
16 x 16cm, 40 pages + CD - limited edition of 150 hand-numbered copies.
Printed at O Homem do Saco
"This is a trans-media project which feeds itself of innumerous translations and results in an object composed by a book and a CD.
It started with Visual Poetry, a Facebook page created by visual artist Filipe Matos. It relies on an artistic exploration of this social network, with the appropriation of the platform’s text box characteristics to create a visual game, exploring the substantial advantage of publishing and sharing opportunities provided by it.
From visual poetry, the project appropriates the experimental dimension and the confrontation with the medium – “Facebook VS Visual Poetry”. Chance – a dadaist strategy – plays a fundamental role in the creative process: the limitations imposed by the text box characteristics, automatic writing suggestions, text error correction, all that transforms itself in plastic resources. The outcome is simple and direct. The poem is there.
The Facebook page redirects visitors to the website, which leads the project beyond that, through animation, The Facebook page redirects visitors
to the website, which leads the project beyond that, through animation, performing the idea of movement already present in the poems.
The purpose of transforming this work into a book presents another challenge, and a new game, playing with analogical resources, with typographic techniques, and with the materiality of the paper page.
Playing with translation, from one media to another, and so on, the work reflects about the immateriality / materiality of art, about the artistic process itself.
A Facebook event – “Text me something interesting about yourself” – was created with the purpose of collecting material for an audio piece using text to audio conversion software, and will be recorded in a CD to join the book. The collected texts posted on Facebook were edited and manipulated trough the text-to-voice software – a robotic voice, with no inflections.
Thus, the concept of hybridation embraces the entire project, to materialize in the final work: book/CD."
by Ana Menezes
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