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with Ana Teresa Vicente

Highlighting the belief/disbelief in images that has long since raised debate, particularly in a time filled with fake news where misinformation is openly and widely used, we propose a critical reflexion on progress as a fuse - that both triggers the creation as the destruction of what precedes it -, as well as our relationship with technology.

9:11am has as a point of departure a video produced by an alleged American couple, Bob & Bri, entitled “What we saw,” and reportedly captured during the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11. Each page corresponds to a second of the collapse of one of the towers, the entirety of its pages are covered with thermochromic ink. Resembling Kubrick's impenetrable monolith, the book's contents can only be seen by revealing the printed images through the use of a heat source.

Image: Book Preview



Suc-cess | 9/11