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All artists signed Bob & Roberta Smith card

50 boxes - 40 Cards / 20 pairs

(Typewriter, Stamp, Digital, Screen Printing, Painting)
+ 12 Single cards
+ 1 Poster

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Le Monde Diplomatique 2022

(Broadsheet Newspaper)

12 Pages
35cmx50cm | 50 Copies
55 gsm Newsprint

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for Men

From Playboy Archive
(1953 - 2004) to Facebook

Image recognition software is developed to recognize bits of female bodies (and, in particular, those of white and young women) as NSFW; Tumblr banned “female-presenting nipples;” and Facebook of course has been battling displays of female breasts throughout its history, but topless images of men have never been subject to governance.


Nancy in Quarantine

Nancy is alone, she just has a little friend she will meet.

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Personal Atlas

Five Years on Instagram

The power of the camera to be everywhere and to interrelate things is well indicated in the Vogue magazine boast (March 15, 1953) "A woman now, and without having to leave the country, can have the best of five (or more) nations hanging in her closet - beautiful and compatible as a statesman's dream". That is why, in the photographic age, fashions have come to be like the collage style in painting.

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Nancy in USA

Nancy Ritz is a comic book character invented by the American cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller (1905-1982).
In the decades that followed, Nancy gained a life of its own, inspiring a host of citations, recreations and detournements by artists such as Andy Warhol, Joe Brainard and Art Spiegelman. The last name on this list now appears to be Filipe Matos.

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Digital Track

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Bob & Roberta Smith